Photographing Flower Abstract

I hardly take any flora shots during my 2 years of active macro shooting. I decided to try it out last October and the results were surprisingly encouraging.

This flower was taken at Singapore Botanical Gardens. I fixed on my 1.4 teleconvertor and positioned my camera as close to the flower as possible. My intention was to focus on the inner part and to bring out the beautiful colours of this flower. I tested using different apertures and the widest f3.5 gave me the best effect.

I received positive feedback from my friends at NPSS. I went back to the same place at SBG hoping to get an improvement shot. This time I chose a more purplish flower and I tilted my camera to get a diagonal composition. I also up the exposure a little to give it a more lively and brighter look.

This is a dorsal view of a common hibiscus flower taken at “Wild Wild West” near end Cooperation Road. The same technique was used and I am glad it did not disappoint me.

I am likely to do more on this sort of photography this year.

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