My Talk @ Nature Photographic Society’s AGM (6 Mar 2010)

I joined Nature Photographic Society, Singapore (NPSS) as a paid member in Oct 07. In the previous 2 AGMs that I attended, the slideshows were all presented by the senior members where they showcased their beautiful images taken from their trips in various countries. This year, the committee felt that it should give a chance to relatively junior members like me to share our stories too, in particularly, our learning experience on Nature Photography. I think they had choosen me because I am not a fast learner, I am just an average performer who learned the hard way, made all the mistakes that one could possibly make, but eventually am able to get the basics right and produce quality images consistently, and along the way, win competitions.

(Group Photo)

I can’t speak well, I can’t present well and I am not comfortable speaking in front of a big audience. So, it was a little stressful for me the whole of last week when I was drafting my speech and preparing my presentation slides.

Fortunately, my talk on “My Learning Experience on Macro Photography” went quite smoothly this evening. Although I was not very fluence during my presentation, there was frequent interaction and lots of laughters from the audience. I think they find my talk interesting and it is nice to receive encouraging comments like “your presentation turned out to be the most comical, attention-getter and thought-provoking”.

(Laughters during the presentation)

(Laughing at my own joke!)
PS – I am nominated as an EXCO member of NPSS in today’s AGM. This would mean more responsibility for me and I am likely to be more active in NPSS activities in the coming year.

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