You fish, I photograph …

My army friend, Lau, likes fishing while macro photography is my hobby. Sometimes, we would go out together to do our favourite pastimes. In order to do so, there need to be a river, a stream or a reservior for him to fish and with lots of bushes nearby for me to find insects to photograph. There are not many such places in Singapore, one of which is a Canal opposite Ngee Ann Polytechnic, which we visit once in a while. We went there this morning again but fishes, according to Lau somehow are getting smaller and fewer here. Lau said that someone recommended him a river near Quia Hu Fish Farm and he wanted to check it out. So, there we went.

It was not difficult to find the place as the river was wide and long and we could see it from the main road. Lau was excited about it as he felt that it should have big fishes here. He was right, within minutes, he got one big fish, easily more than 1 kg in weight. This is one of the biggest catches he had and he was very happy with it. We are likely to revisit this place again.

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